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Do you want to write content for us? We’re looking for inspirational travel articles, photo stories, tips, top 10 and your travel experiences around the world. Please read the following guidelines before submitting your ideas.

HERE ARE OUR RULES (Though They May Vary):

We are looking for a minimum of 800 words of the article you wish to publish.We suggest writing your article professionally, correcting grammatical errors and sentence structure.

Please include a minimum of 4 photos. Photos must be free of copyright, yours, or give credit to the author of the image.

If you are making a top 10 post, we need photos that go with each number. For example, “14 things to do” 14 photos plus a highlighted image photo and a separate biographical photo.

All articles must be original content. They must not have been previously published anywhere on the Internet, if the content is plagiarized we will know and will not publish it.

Be sure to include a biography for the bottom of the entry with all your social media accounts and your linked travel blog so that we can promote your article and you.

Please do not include more than three external links in the body of the text.
All links in the body of the article are not followed, with the exception of links to your personal blog.

All articles should be submitted through Word and clearly indicate where in the article the photos and links should be placed.


We are a newly created project, this project is growing and will continue to grow, the link we provide will help you improve the SEO of your blog, and with the reciprocal link from your Blog to our Blog, our link will be of much better quality.

In addition, as we get more exposure your work will also get visitors, this greatly benefits the traffic to your Blog. In this way you will get more readers of your blog and your audience will grow enormously.

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