Visit Cabo San Lucas during the whale migration season

Whale migration season in Cabo San Lucas.

We are beginning the season in which we take the sweaters out of the closet and travel to different parts of the world where the fall and then winter show their best view in each destination we travel to.

Mexico is no the exception, destinations like Cabo San Lucas begin to receive a massive entrance of tourism due to the visit of whales in migration season, these mammals are usually in mating season or already pregnant so they move in search of warm water temperatures such as these of the Sea of Cortez.

The whales do an immense route of several thousand kilometers, also they congregate in the arctic waters of Alaska and Canada during the summer to feed on krill and smaller fishes. They do this in anticipation of the time they migrate to Cabo San Lucas in Winter (mid-December).

These whales travel up to 7,000 kilometers to Mexico in search of warm waters to help their mating and birth of baby whales, the migration usually lasts from 40 to 60 days, and these are kept swimming along the coast to stay on course, so following them and staying close to them is easy.


whale watching


There are up to 6 different species of whales and other kinds that visit the coasts of Cabo San Lucas, some of these are:

  • Blue Whale
  • Humpback Whale
  • Gray Whale
  • Minky Whale
  • Orcas (from the family of whales and dolphins)
  • Sperm whales
  • Dolphins

Fortunately for those who love animals and are in favor of tactics such as Greenpeace, different associations are responsible for raising awareness among the population and tourists about the importance of whales in the ecosystem and the life cycle of these species.

If you are determined to travel to this destination something you have to know is that the winter dates are the most demanded, for which as I have written before you must prevent each situation as long as possible if you want to travel to a tourist destination as visited as Cabo San Lucas.


Options that can help make your trip and experience easier:

Cabo San Lucas is considered the world’s largest aquarium, as the Cortez Sea receives thousands of visitors (in marine species) from all over the world that you won’t see everywhere.

To travel to the city the first thing you have to do and in priority factor is to anticipate all your reservations, Cabo San Lucas transportation service, hotels, restaurants (if you want to dine in restaurants for table reservation), tickets for the activities you do, tours at sea, snorkeling, boat rentals and whale watching equipment, because all these are scarce in winter seasons, and of course you will find options, but most of these will result in a much higher cost (up to 80%).


What clothes and items should I bring to the city?

  • Los Cabos is one of the most climatologically diverse destinations in Mexico, and its proximity to the sea and the desert makes it difficult to decide what to wear in this city.
  • Therefore, I advise you to bring several changes of clothes, for the day fresh clothes, for the night sheltered.
  • Don’t forget the sandals, tennis these certainly will help you to know lands in which you have never been in a more comfortable way, also take with you some dress shoes if you have plans to go out to dance at night in one of the night clubs of the city these will take you out of many hardships.
  • Water camera or Go pro that will help you capture every moment of your experience either at sea or by pulling a zip line, if you do not have one do not worry, in most of the establishments near the beaches sell protective covers for cell phones that will allow you to dive to 1.5 meters and capture precious moments (although the quality of your photos will not be the same).
  • Special clothes for swimming if you stay more than 2 days, solar radiation is not the same as before and we have to be more preventive with this, so it is advisable to buy clothes for diving or swimming to cover your body, if these not only help you cover yourself from the rays of the sun, but you can also protect yourself from bad water in the sea by the thickness of the special fabric for diving or swimming.
  • Eco-friendly sunscreens.
  • Sunscreen or cream base FPS+50 if you’re walking or sunbathing in the city (no matter if you’re a man or a woman, this will help you a lot).

The best part of visiting a destination like Cabo San Lucas is that you can enjoy this beautiful city with company or in travel solo plans because all activities (day or afternoon) are suitable for people of all ages and genders.

How do I know which package is right for me to visit the whales in migration?

First of all, check and research the prices of each of the whale watching tour packages, some of them include from 2 to 10 people and very few others from 15 to 30 people (it is recommended that if you travel with family you buy a package that includes the number they are to have a much more private experience).


Precautions before whale watching.

If you are going to take children with you, remember to keep them informed of the care they should have when staying in a boat in the middle of the sea, in general, the people who offer these services maintain an enormous control and care with each person who visits the attraction or the whale show.

Remember that in this place people take very seriously the care given to the sea, so it is not advisable to carry bottles of disposable plastic water, glass bottles, or food inside the boat in which you are going to travel.

Try not to swim near the whales, as they are in mating season or will give birth very soon, so an external visit will put them on alert and they can become aggressive to protect themselves or their calves from any attack or external threat.

If you use sunscreen remember to use one that is eco-friendly, this way you will not contaminate the sea or affect the content of it or the species that inhabit it.


How long does whale watching last in Cabo San Lucas?

Whale watching starts in December and ends in April, so you will have 5 months to spot the whales and based on this plan your trip in advance.

Facts you need to know about the Blue Whales to be an expert before boarding to meet them!

  1. These whales emit a sound with frequencies so high that you can hear them up to 4 kilometers away.
  2. The heart of a blue whale beats for 9 to 10 seconds at a time. Impressive, isn’t it?
  3. A whale’s lungs can store up to 6,500 liters of oxygen in its lungs (this is 6,440 liters more than the average human).
  4. The life expectancy of a whale is up to 95 years, so you will have many opportunities to see them if we continue to take care of their species.
  5. The Blue Whale has the same blood level as three thousand people together.
  6. The weight of these mammals is up to 600 tons.
  7. While the other fish have their tails vertical, the whales have their tails horizontal, which allows them to come to the surface quickly.
  8. These mammals have very little developed sense of smell and sight, but perceive almost any sound frequency in their environment and that is how they communicate with each other.
  9. A whale’s tongue can weigh up to 6 tons (Same as an elephant).
  10. Whales, unlike other marine species, can survive in almost any marine climate.
  11. Each group of whales has its own melody with which they identify and despite not having vocal cords these can produce high-pitched sounds and groans that you can hear at a distance of 1600 km!
  12. The largest species of blue whales can measure up to 35 meters in length.
  13. The whales come out for air every hour, so if you don’t see one during your visit you can wait 60 more minutes and you will surely see one of them.
  14. As we already know many of the whales have Nazal orifices in the upper part of the head, some have only 1 spiracle and others larger have up to 2.
  15. They are shy, so they will avoid all contact with species that do not belong to their herd.

There are many things you can do in Los Cabos while visiting the city during the whale season.

You can spot small sharks, dolphins, and sea lions on the coasts also on the same boat tour (depending on which tour agency you travel with).

Snorkeling is also one of the most practiced activities in this place, as it is known that in the depths of its beaches are hundreds of different species of fish of vibrant colors and a variety of very large marine ecosystems.

Outdoor activities, ATV driving, Zip-lines and hiking in unknown terrain are some of the things that also make this city famous, do not regret trying at least one of these and we assure you that you will love them.


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