Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Mexico City

México Lindo y Querido is one of the best-known phrases you’ve heard to say of any Mexican, and now, I can understand this because, its gastronomy, multiculturalism, and diversity have made it one of the most beautiful and coveted destinations in recent years!

You need to know this two facts about Mexico City:

-It is estimated that since 2017 the influx of travelers to this country (in general) is 35 million visitors, and all these are international.

-Mexico is also the 8th most visited place in the world!

-This city has unparalleled features plus an endless number of stories that you will love and architecture that you can not miss, because for more than 100 years this city in the center of the country is home to hundreds of tourists annually, although it is a large city and you can see many incredible places, also know that it is important to take your precautions!

No matter if you go for the first time or the hundredth time I assure you that Mexico is one of the countries that you will fall in love with and you will want to return for more of its incredible views, activities, and flavors, that is why I will recommend 15 Places to which you can travel in this beautiful city.

1-    National Palace

This is one of the most important, as it was captured by one of Diego Rivera’s works called The Epic of the Mexican People, a place you should know, as it has been considered a World Heritage Site since 1987. Likewise, this palace was the personal residence of all the governors from 1822 to 1884; from then on, it remained as a presidential office until 1968, which was partially recovered by 2012. An important fact is that from July 2019 it became the residence of the president of the republic of the country.

This is an important scenario for all Mexicans, because on September 15 and 16, here is where the official ceremony is officiated to the 16th September ceremony.

National Palace

2-    Major Temple Museum

Many people don’t know it but this place is the center of the great Tenochtitlan, which in its time was very important and recognized for the Mexica culture!

Visit the Museum from 9 am to 5 pm (Mondays do not open). The main place of this museum is occupied since 2010 by the polychrome relief that represents the goddess of the Earth, (Tlaltecuhtli) the largest sculptural piece of America invoice that has been found. It was found on October 2,  2006, and its original polychromy can be appreciated thanks to magnificent restoration work. Also on the second floor of the museum is the other important piece of this enclosure: the large circular monolith that represents in relief the lunar goddess (Coyolxauhqui). The history of this discovery is to some extent funny, because it was found accidentally in the early morning of February 21, 1978, which led to more excavations and findings to the sow of the main temple, and all this we can see today in the museum!

Entrance fee to the museum: 75 pesos.


3-    The Latin American Tower

It has existed since 1946 and is one of the most emblematic and giant buildings in the center of the capital. Here you can also visit a restaurant and two museums in the heights, where you can enjoy the panoramic view that this place offers towards the city! (you can visit it from 10 am) and has activities such as a visit to the teleport, Mirador from where you can see the city from a point of view much better than ever (120 Mexican pesos per person), Bicentennial Museum among others.

This tower was considered one of the tallest glass window constructions in Latin America until 1956. Also, if you are a fan of architecture you will love to visit the museum of the tower through the years, where you will know all the processes, modifications and recognitions that the Latin American tower has received since its construction until today. Also near the tower is Barrio Alameda, where you can give a trip to the past through its streets and products!

Latinoamerican Tower

4- Bellas Artes Palace

This beautiful and imposing white marble building, built during “the Porfiriato” by an Italian architect named Adamo Boari, is one of the most important cultural centers of this city, don’t miss it!

Also, the most important annual cultural events for the country are held in and around the city. You can also get to know the country with guided tours (recommended) in which you can ask questions and get answers from a professional person who has studied the subject or take a virtual tour in the museum room. It is divided into sections such as the main room, Manuel M Ponce’s room, Adamo Boari’s room (architect and builder of the palace), the National Architecture Museum and the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts.

It can be visited from 10 to 5 pm hours.


5- Garibaldi

This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the city, besides here you will find mariachis, and regional music bands, while enjoying the most delicious regional food of the city, Currently is one of the busiest tourist resorts, derived from its festive atmosphere dedicated to Mexican music. Every day hundreds of people gather to listen to great performances, whether by a trio, a marimba group or Norteña. The square is surrounded by restaurants and typical centers, to enjoy unforgettable evenings with family, friends in a couple.


6- Chapultepec Forest

This forest besides having about 686 hectares of magnitude is considered one of the largest parks in Mexico, in addition to this forest serves as the heart of oxygen for the city, also has activities such as zoo, mechanical games, lake and food area, museums, recreation and cultural centers, sports spaces and facilities that you can visit for a very low cost. This park is ideal to visit with family, couple or friends since almost all its activities are designed to spend a pleasant time with family, I can recommend you to visit the “boat cinema” boats available for 2, 4 and 6 people. The entrance to the pier is at 19:00 hours, in the same place. Access to the boats is limited, in case of not finding a place you can take a seat on the terrace of Lake Maggiore.

and the workshops of “la Quinta Colorada”.

Chapultepec Park

7- Museum of Anthropology

Better known as the MNA, this is the largest and most visited museum in all of Mexico, located between Paseo de Reforma and Chapultepec Park, which we talked about in the previous point, this museum is known as a keeper of thousands of years of culture and history in Mexico, also has incredible collections such as cultures of the Gulf Coast, Mayan culture, Mexica Culture, Culture of the North, Culture of Oaxaca, Western Culture, History of the population of America, preclassic period in Central Antiplane, Teotihuacan, Toltecs and Epiclasico among others.

In this museum, you can also learn more about art from Mexican and Latin American artists, the same works that are exhibited seasonally and take courses in different sectors of art (you can check the official website of the Museum of Anthropology). The general entrance fee is 75 Mexican pesos.


8- The Angel of Independence

This is one of the symbols of the city most acclaimed and admired by the world, because its history dates back to more than 2010 years ago, this is 45 meters high, incredibly, each of the sculptures within this historic monument tells an anecdote about the history of Mexico through the years, we will be able to observe Miguel Hidalgo, the children heroes and representations of the city of Mexico to each side of this imposing column, it is possible to know the sculpture for inside when acquiring a guided visit to the interior of this one, in addition, an interesting data that you must know like traveler is that the angel of the independence this bathed with gold of 24 K.


9- Soumaya Museum

This is one of the most recent museums in the city, you can visit it and enjoy with the art that thousands of artists have opened for all who want to know about art and history of Mexico, of course, you will find sculptures and a little. About customs from Europe such as France and Italy. The building of this museum located in Plaza Carso is an immense avant-garde construction of 46 meters high, covered by hexagonal plates of aluminum. The silver structure was designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero with the advice of Frank Gehry. As the roof lets in sunlight, the upper floors of the museum are illuminated with natural light.

Permanent Exhibitions that you will find in the museum:

– The Door of Hell

– Gold and silver: decorative arts

– Asia in ivory

– Former European and Novohispanic Masters

– From Impressionism to Vanguards

– The Age of Rodin

You can visit the museum Every day from 10:30 am to 06:30 pm


10- Alameda Central

This is considered an Outdoor Museum, is a site you have to know as it was remodeled in 2012 for the general public, has more than 400 years of history and important events that have made Mexico what it is today. You can visit it publicly from morning until night, it has lighting so you can know its facilities with greater security.

11- Six Flags

You may know this park if you visit Mexico from any other part of the world because it is very well known, but its theme is incredible because you can visit it with your whole family and live incredible experiences!

Some of the activities you can do in Six Flags Mexico are the following:

Dc Super Friends

Bugs Bunny Boomtown

Flying chairs

Adventure Camp with Looney Tunes

Taz Tornado

You can also take the whole family because it has incredible shows and mechanical games that will make your experience a much more fun adventure.

(You can buy a ticket from 659 MXN)

Six Flags

12- Zona Rosa in Mexico City

This space is quite nice, romantic, because before it was considered a place where classical and bohemian artists met to share ideas and inspiration, as they were looking for a pleasant environment, in which people loved to be, for many years was also one of the most exclusive meeting points in the city.

This place is considered one of the best in the city, because it is inclusive in all aspects, in the place you will find from gay clubs to people and business offices of high executives, also the restaurants that are in the streets of this area are beautiful, you should not miss anything in the world the opportunity to visit the pink area when you visit Mexico, also if you want a new photo for your Instagram this will help!


13- Monument to the Revolution

While visiting the city you will be pleased to know that this place is famous for the breathtaking views you can see from one of the nearby elevated points to this, at the point you can meet people from 5-6 am enjoying the incredible sunrise through the walls of this imposing construction.

Also here you can have an impressive view of 365 degrees to the city at 65 meters high, this is a very romantic plan, which you do not want to miss if you visit the city with your partner, you can buy a tour (recommended) this lasts about two hours and you can enjoy a coffee with milk or hot chocolate and sweet bread. (don’t forget to take a coat, because at this time the cold is a little intense).

Revolution Monument

14- National Museum of Art

This museum is the site that I would consider the second most important to visit in the city, because it has dozens of rooms that tell the history of Mexico in an impressive way, you can learn more about their culture and the way in which they unfolded in their environment, how they survived and the activities to which they were dedicated, you can know the history of the Mexicas in a deeper way and between the beautiful corridors you will travel through the experiences of hundreds of characters and important moments for Mexico, if you want to take pictures this allowed, as long as it is not for projects or commercial purposes, that way you will have to ask for a special permission (which you can get if you visit the government page easily) if you are a foreigner maybe these things seem different and even a little confusing, but do not worry, in the museum all the time there are people willing to help you with any situation that comes up.

You can also read more about the activities that will take place in the museum for you to attend at


15- Franz Mayer Museum

In this enclosure you will be able to know more about the gothic art and the decorative arts that Franz Mayer collected from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, this one exists for more than 32 years, since then it is managed by the bank of Mexico, for that reason consequent investments are made to this place. In October the exhibition of Tim Burton’s articles is carried out, you can consult the poster of events in official pages or type in the search engine which are his following activities for the public, they always have something interesting to know, as photographic exhibitions, conferences, bookstore among others of which you can learn a lot!

Franz Mayer


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Mexico Desconocido

Mexico Desconocido

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