Fabulous theme parks that you can visit in the Riviera Maya

Not only are there historical ruins, beaches, and plazas that you can visit during your vacation in the Riviera Maya, you also have the opportunity to get in touch with nature and have a great time spending incredible time with your family in the different theme parks that the Riviera Maya has to offer.

We know that it is completely normal that after a day of shopping or a visit to the beach your children can continue wanting to do different things, so these options will be perfect for your kids to never get bored, because in each of these parks will have the opportunity to enjoy unique activities, as well as better understand the beauty of nature and be able to get in touch with it.

Unlike many other theme parks that exist around the country, those of the Riviera Maya are characterized by having the great experience of being in contact most of the time with nature, it is because of this that thousands of people visit every week.

One of the great advantages of these parks is that you don’t necessarily need to buy tickets at the park box office, you can get them in different places or online.

Also another great advantage that these places have is that there are places that offer discounts on their tickets, such as when you rent a car in Cancun, you can have the opportunity to get as a benefit discounts on your tickets, in addition to getting a car to move to any of these parks at the time you prefer with greater comfort.


Undoubtedly the best known of all the Riviera Maya, it is normal that Xcaret can receive up to a million people from different parts of the world a year, this park is very close to Playa del Carmen, so we strongly recommend you look for a transportation service or a car rental company in Playa del Carmen to get a ride and make the trip to this eco-park.

In this park you will have the opportunity to perform different activities and enjoy shows that you can not witness anywhere else, in addition to being able to connect with nature to cross the underground rivers that are in this park, you can also witness incredible landscapes in the part of the beach with which this place.

You can also visit the Coral Reef Aquarium and the sea turtle area. Where you can explore more about the care that must be taken with these to preserve them for many more years.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover why Xcaret is one of the biggest emblems of the Riviera Maya at an international level; get your tickets and venture to enjoy all these and more activities that you will find in this site.


It is undoubtedly another of the emblems of the Riviera Maya like Xcaret, its name in Mayan alludes to “the place where water is born” and this because in pre-Hispanic times, what is known today as Xel-Ha was a commercial port, a refuge for sailors and represented a food reserve during the bad weather.

In this place, you will be able to enjoy a unique experience, admire different species of plants and wildlife, as well as the best typical Mexican dishes, in addition to different activities in which you and your family will be able to spend an afternoon full of emotions and good times.

In this place there are different activities for the different ages that can vary in your family; for the youngest there is the World of the children, where the youngest will be able to enjoy the unique experience that the park has for them, for the youngest there is the “Salpichanga” which consists of making a zip line that ends in a refreshing dip in the Xel-Ha River.

For seniors there is the Stone of Courage, a scalable rock where you can jump directly into the river Xel-Ha to enjoy a dip from a height of 5 meters, these are just some of the different activities you can enjoy in Xel-Ha, do not wait any longer and get your tickets now.


A place where adventures are lived to the limit, you can enjoy extreme moments but fun, Xplor is a park in Playa del Carmen to which you can zipline on the tops of the trees in the highest zip lines of the Riviera Maya.

Enter the depths of the earth in subterranean routes whether walking, swimming or paddling in a raft or driving an amphibious vehicle through exciting jungle trails; they will undoubtedly be activities that you will not be able to live in any other park.

You can enjoy an unlimited buffet in the restaurant “El Troglodita” where you can find the best combinations of healthy food and high quality so you can recover all your energy and continue your adventure, likewise you can enjoy freshwater and more drinks and desserts in the other two restaurants that you will find called “El Oasis” and “El Manantial”.

Venture to live the exciting experiences that Xplor Park has for you, it is your opportunity to make your vacation a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Ventura Park

This family amusement park is located in Cancun and has entertainment for all ages, it is undoubtedly a perfect park to enjoy with the family.

This park is divided into Wet’n Wild which is a water park in which you will find several activities to carry out, you can find zip lines and bungee swings to enjoy a day full of emotions in one of the best water parks in the country.

You can also find fun that you can enjoy with your children, they can go to Fun World, where they can live to the fullest in the Grand Prix, which puts you and your family in an incredible go-kart track by the sea.

You can also find a place where you can do innovative activities such as virtual reality and you can enjoy one of the most fun activities such as laser tag, Dolphinaris, which is the best option for a swim with dolphins that will be unforgettable.

If you are planning to visit any of these fabulous theme parks in the Riviera Maya, we highly recommend hiring a Cancun Airport Transportation service, as they offer a practical and economical mobility solution.

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