What to see at Christmas in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most fascinating places in Mexico, in this guide we will tell you about all the wonders they have to offer, so that you do not miss a single one of them and you can enjoy the great beauty of its beaches and the warmth of its people.

                                       Photo by Chris McQueen on Unsplash

Historical Center

The historic center of Puerto Vallarta has charming cobblestone streets, urban art walls, sculptures, murals, architecture that preserves its essence since its inception, colorful parks, art galleries and museums, restaurants, bars, cafes and iconic places such as the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For this and more it is Cultural Patrimony of the State of Jalisco.

Main Square

It is an emblematic tourist spot with a nice kiosk. Traditional and cultural events such as concerts, dances, plays and art exhibitions are held here, as well as various celebrations of the Fiestas Patrias.

We recommend you to taste the rich appetizers of the street stalls, enjoy a refreshing Tuba, typical drink of Puerto Vallarta and attend on Sundays to observe the traditional dances of Danzón.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

It is a symbol of the city: Divine mixture of neoclassical architecture, Baroque, Renaissance with symbols of religious and numerical relevance, adorned with a crown at the top.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn about the traditions of rooting and to contemplate the church inside, a visual and religious delicacy. In addition, the first twelve days of December you will find in the streets of the centre festivities in honor of the Virgin and pilgrimages that reach the Parish with music, decorated floats and banners.

Municipal Palace

It is located to a side of the Main Square of Puerto Vallarta, it is a work that in its design the architectural characteristics of the region are conserved.

Going up the stairs of the building you can appreciate the mural that represents the foundation and development of the port, designed by the talented Vallarta artist Manuel Lepe.


In the heart of Puerto Vallarta, you will find a place you cannot miss. Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk is about 800 meters long, creating a magical environment, full of culture, art, entertainment and history.

Beginning with the historic Hotel Rosita, being the oldest hotel in the Port and a relic of the city, it was inaugurated in 1948, its typical architecture, location and history make it an unmissable place to visit. This hotel hosted on several occasions the actress Elizabeth Taylor and the actor Richard Burton, in the filming of the movie “The Night of the Iguana”, who are told, fell in love with the destination.

The Malecón is a pleasant and entertaining place for the multiple artistic expressions that can be observed, such as the spectacle of the Voladores de Papantla, the sculptures, interesting art galleries and the iconic Naval Museum that narrates the close relationship between Mexico and the sea from the time of the Conquest to present times.

We recommend you to eat some sea food or a la carte in one of the restaurants that are on the way or visit a nightclub or nightclub to enjoy the night in style.

Art in the open air

The sculptures along the way dress and fill this passage with art, with their abstract forms and the different meanings represented by each one of them. This collection of open-air art created by several talented artists began to be formed in 1960.

Pieces a spiral shape, boats, chimeras, whales, the story of a couple’s love, mixtures of stones and metal, with curvilinear shapes, figures of unicorns, of classical mythology, the Triton and a nymph of the sea, collection of surrealist anthropomorphic sculptures, surrealist heads, the child on the sea horse, dancing dolphins, a representation of the Tapatío Syrup, just to mention a few.

Los Arcos Amphitheater

Located in front of the Plaza de Armas, they are a work of the sculptor Martin Distancia, created in 2002.

This is a cultural space, where festivities are also held and some weekends yoga classes are offered in addition to being the perfect setting for artistic and cultural expressions.


In addition to the beaches that are part of Puerto Vallarta’s hotels, there are many that we recommend you visit, with different characteristics and attributes.

There are 8 beaches in Puerto Vallarta that have the “Blue Flag” certificate: Palmares, Camarones, Playa de Oro, Amapas, Conchas Chinas I, Conchas Chinas II, Garza Blanca and Sheraton, which means that we have clean, safe and comfortable beaches.

Attractions of the North Zone Beaches

Some of the most popular beaches in the Northern Zone are: Flamingos, Las Glorias, Playa de Oro, Boca de Tomates and Camarones, in the latter you can practice sports events and activities such as flyboard and flysurf. Visit them with your family or friends and enjoy these natural beauties to the maximum.

Attractions of the Central Zone Beaches

The beaches of downtown Puerto Vallarta merge with the cultural and entertainment environment such as art galleries, sculptures, museums, etc.

The most popular beach among locals is Playa Los Muertos, an excellent place to relax, have a beer and watch the sunsets.

Attractions of the Beaches South Zone (by land)

One of the best known beaches in the Southern Zone is Conchas Chinas, this name for the undulating shape of its shells, is ideal for snorkeling and kayaking, also has certificate “Blue Flag”. Palmares is another beautiful beach that bears this name in honor of the trees that grow there, surrounded by abundant vegetation.

Attractions of the Beaches South Zone (by sea)

If you are looking for a more relaxed and isolated environment, there are beaches in the South Zone of Puerto Vallarta that can be reached by water taxis or “pangas” as they are also known.

The beaches of the Southern Zone are of moderate waves, with the appearance of a tropical island, surrounded by mountains and abundant fauna. Among the best known and busiest are: Colomitos, Las Ánimas and Yelapa, Quimixto and the starting point can be from Boca de Tomatlán.

Marina Vallarta

If you are an admirer of fishing and like to go for rides in yachts, boats, sailboats, etc., this is the ideal place for you. It is located just 5 minutes from Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

You will find options to practice recreational activities and sports, you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the excellent restaurants. In this area there is also an important residential development and here you will find many of the best hotels and resorts in Puerto Vallarta.

It has several attractions such as the Lighthouse, cafes, bars and discotheques, shopping malls and boutiques, also in season you can enjoy the Art and Market Marina Vallarta, which offers its visitors homemade gastronomy, handicrafts, Huichol art, hand-woven clothing and jewelry crafts, in addition to art exhibits and paintings of local artists, live music to enjoy even more while you walk through each of the stalls.


The 25-year-old Marina Vallarta Golf Course has 18 holes and a clubhouse, with partial views of Banderas Bay and marina hotels. The holes it has on the shore of the sea are a challenge for golfers who compete with the wind, in addition to its 6 lakes that also increase some difficulty.

Romantic Zone

Known as the LGBT area Puerto Vallarta, where you will enjoy a wide range of cuisine, a fun nightlife, as well as public places full of color and atmosphere.

The Romantic Zone is located past the Cuale River. It has the style of a typical Mexican town with its cobblestone streets and an atmosphere of tranquility, is full of cafes, bars, shops, boutiques and art galleries that have been formed in Puerto Vallarta for more than 60 years, thanks to the talent of local and foreign artists.

When you walk through this area we recommend you visit the recently remodeled Lázaro Cárdenas Park. Its benches, walls and poles have different designs of colored tiles that turn it into an outdoor gallery to admire and photograph. Another activity not to be missed is the hand-painted mosaic by artist Manuel Lepe that shows the traditions and culture of Puerto Vallarta. Complete your tour with the guided tour: Art Walk.

Ideal Romantic Zone during day and night

Picturesque streets, little places to enjoy a delicious coffee or a rich traditional and international food, classic and modern hotels, Los Muertos Pier with a fascinating view to Banderas Bay and Los Muertos Beach which is one of the most popular in Puerto Vallarta, bars, live music and many other forms of entertainment. This is the ideal place to watch sunsets and get to know the sculptures.

When night falls, the area fills with lights, bars and nightclubs are excellent for dancing and drinking refreshing cocktails, you’ll find places outdoors if you’re looking for something more relaxed or romantic, to watch the stars and enjoy the cool atmosphere of the night. You’ll love it!

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