11 Essential items for your next trip to Puerto Vallarta

We all want to travel the fastest and easiest way, so here are the 11 items you should take to make your trip more practical and simple!

To Carry Liquids Onboard

All your liquids should go in bottles or containers less than 100 ml. If you can weigh them and verify that they weigh less than 50 I assure you that the staff of the airlines will thank you. all this is done so that none of your containers by pressure spills a large amount of liquid, shampoo, perfume or cream, as this can affect both you and the people who move the suitcases.

Unless you’re going to travel to a place in the middle of the desert or you’re staying in a remote jungle or forest of society, chances are you can buy shampoo, body cream and sunscreen at any store near your hotel. I assure you that you will save up to the shame of having some products withheld at the airport.

small containers with excellent capacity for your travel by plane


We all know how difficult it can be to travel with allergies, it is not comfortable and sometimes it can be very unsafe, so we recommend you to purchase your medications, prescriptions, and permits before traveling, this way you will not have any inconvenience to travel with what your health needs, something important you can take into account is to buy a mini-Kit first aid, if you go to a place with a beach as it is Puerto Vallarta I assure you that this can not be of the things that you can go unnoticed.


Extra Clothes in your hand-bag

Many of the airlines (although they deny it) have problems with luggage more often than you think!
I recommend you to choose light changes of clothes (up to 2) so that you can travel with the security that you will not run out of changes of clothes in case of loss or confusion of suitcases with the airline you are traveling.

Extra Clothes

Portable Charger

It is always useful to have some battery in our mobile devices, whether you want to read a while on your tablet and need battery necessary for the hours of flight on the plane or in your visit to any of the beaches of Puerto Vallarta want to take incredible photos of your important moments, even to share your feelings on social networks or communicate with the people you love is important to keep in mind that keeping our smartphones charged is becoming more important.

Extra Charger

GoPro Camera

Have you ever been in the middle of a boat and the sea was so clear that you wanted to take a picture from the bottom? Well, this will help you to record every moment of your trip, even if it is in a watery or sandy terrain! Do not miss a single moment while you discover the city and new terrain with a camera capable of withstanding any weather!

Go Pro

Important documents or Ids

in most of the places where you travel you will have to get on an airplane, or bus, in which you will be asked for your information, so I recommend you go preparing your passport and official identifications of the Place you come from.

Also it will help you with the rent of cars Puerto Vallarta that you need to move by the city or even to register you in a hotel of stay or day-pass, also are important your documents or basic information for a rent of houses, or cabins, Since in destinations like Puerto Vallarta is quite common the rental of houses over the Internet on platforms like Airbnb, if you carry enough documents would be good to back them up, it is never more to pass them through the scanner and have in a drive file or mail the information in case you lose any of your documents.


Comfortable shoes for the beach, tennis or sandals

Puerto Vallarta has beautiful beaches, but on the way to these you don’t want to end up with your feet on a shoe full of dirt or in case you feel adventurous stepping on a sharp stone or glass on the street or in the sand, it is always important to be prepared for this type of situation, and that’s why you should look for as soon as possible the shoes that you are going to use for your next trip to this city, also if you do sports or extreme activities such as ATVs or Zip Lines or even climb a hill is important to bring the right shoe for the activity, otherwise you can hurt yourself and we do not want your trip and activities are limited by it.


Credit Cards

Although it is the easiest way to travel and without less worries there are things you need to know about charging a credit card if you are going to travel to Puerto Vallarta, same that will take us to the point that comes, in many of the establishments do not accept dollars, and if you accept them they will charge a considerable amount for the change they will make, plus you will be safer without charging cash and can make an automatic charge without charging more than dollars to pesos.

Of course, if you are going to buy from stores or small establishments you will have to move much earlier to an exchange house where you will be given the price of one dollar per pesos more accurately.

Credit Card

Foldable or Small bags

Small bags are becoming more and more important, because when you visit the beach I don’t think you want to carry your entire luggage, at most you’re going to take your sandals, a towel and a change of clothes (same that you can save if your hotel is near the beach).

Sometimes when we travel we want to take EVERYTHING, and that’s not bad, but what I mean is that sometimes we take items that we didn’t use at all during our travels, also take into account that if you’re going to go hiking then you should carry a bag that has only what you need for the activities you’re going to do, so don’t get excited and start filling your list of just necessary things.

Small Bags

Space in suitcase or extra suitcase

It is always good to buy extra space, because when you travel anywhere in Mexico, in this case Puerto Vallarta the things you are going to find will be so incredible that you will not be able to leave them where you see them, if you have the opportunity and you can acquire a little more capacity in your suitcase do it, because I assure you that at least you will want to return with some souvenirs for all your friends!

Extra Suitcase

Light sweater and umbrella

These two will be your allies, because Puerto Vallarta has a very peculiar characteristic and is that if you don’t constantly check the weather predictions you will be surprised by the rains, or very strong winds at night, so I encourage you to wear a light sweatshirt, raincoat or umbrella so that you are ready for any type of climate change, the umbrella can even serve to protect you from the rays of the sun if you stay there a long time or if you walk for several kilometers (in case you love to explore and know new places).

Sweater / Umbrella

Following this list of 10 things you will be ready to enjoy a trip with total comfort and safety!

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